An Overview of Folk Etymology in the English Language

Etymology is defined as ‘History of a word.’ A further derivative of this word is Folk Etymology. It means a foreign or unfamiliar word which is adapted to a more familiar form through usage in a language. Folk Etymology in English language is an ongoing process that is prevalent for the last 1000 years. In [...]

Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part IV – The Origins Of The Word Peridot

Peridot Etymology: The Origins Of Peridot As discussed in the previous part in this series on Peridot’s etymology, the Septuagint’s ‘Topazion’ of 300 B.C. featured in the Second Temple’s breastplate, denotes what we call Peridot. However, it is very unlikely that Peridot was the ‘Pitdah’ gemstone of the First Temple’s breastplate originating from the Israelite [...]