Illness And Soul Medicine

Today, we are just beginning to make inroads to understanding the intricate make-up of humanity. More than the single parts of body, mind, and spirit – or the total sum of the whole, it is the vast inter-relationship of these connected networks which baffles contemporary science.

While science based medicine has made strides in understanding and manipulating basic physical mechanics in health maintenance – it has yet to exceed the confines of its discipline to discover the core of wholeness, and the cause of illness.

On the other hand, many ancient and traditional indigenous societies have a different approach to illness intervention. They realize that wellness and sickness are not determined solely upon what they observe outwardly, but also by what they see and know inwardly. More emphasis is placed upon the state of the soul, and the connection of a person with the essence of nature – than just the state of one’s physiology.

Soul based medicine maintains that the state of the soul affects and impacts the overall health and well-being of a person, and that the physical often mirrors its condition. According to this point of view, just treating the physical is an incomplete approach to healing – like tending to a symptom without reaching the core.

Ancient and traditional healers, priests, priestesses, shamans, medicine men and women – spent a life time of training in being proficient in both the physical and non-physical aspects, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of illness, in order to maintain the harmony of members of the community.

We should require more of our health practitioners.

For instance, were you aware that the etymology (origin) of the term psychology means “study of the soul”, and of the term psychiatry means “healing of the soul”. Yet the disciplines as practiced respectively in contemporary society only “study” and “treat” human behavior, with little or no focus on the state of the soul. This is interesting, insomuch that the root word in both terms is Psyche… who was the Greek Goddess of The Soul.

There are too many people who have received partial care, and live marginal lives – because the core disharmony within has never been addressed and resolved.

Isn’t it about time for an expanded practice and view of healing and wholeness?