Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 7

In previous articles I have mentioned how the subject may implicate herbal magic or sexuality, but that the portrayal of a Chinese peasant may be misleading, even if it is the most accurate form of folk legend; Clearly, it seems, herbal magic or sexuality would work for this especial peasant, although it may be the opposite of the desirable thing for a large number of Americans; For example, speaking of potent medicines, marijuana is said to promote paranoia and addictive behaviors, which are unsuitable to the kind of rational pragmatic existence required for immortality; Mushrooms have long been understood to convey health or hallucinations, but kills those who are not knowledgeable of the correct mushroom to pick; Mint leaves may mean wealth to some people, but its more common application is as a very mild kind of tea; Certainly what these initial perspectives suggest is that herbal magic can have no superstitions of miracle; If there is a remedy for immortality that is not rare or happenstantial, it occurs only gradually, during a period in which the person would already have attained what some would call immortality; In other words, herbs must have real properties to have any effect, and as such they are ‘supplements’ not ‘panaceas’; As a side note, it is worth noting that rarely has ambergris been referred to as a panacea; That should be warning enough, if anyone has the opportunity to indulge;

But these pretensions of the weakness of medicine do not mean that health is not a factor in determining long life; But it is clear from the failures of many potent drugs, that health and medicine together are not enough to convey the properties of long life; With an admonition about unhealthy living as doctors used to give to the many that died of unhealthy living, it is sufficient at this point to redirect the dialogue with the thought that avoiding danger is a sufficient initial starting point for adaptation;

However, if the individual person may be sleeping or awake, dreaming or processing, loving or hating, then what can be done about the principles of immortality? What can be done if the individual has not achieved nirvana? What can be done if the individual does not have a secure contract, a safe passage to the consecrated life, the life promised by dreamers and priests? Then we must turn to some natural idiom of the immortal life, some bold information which expresses the principles of life within context;

One way to do this is as I did earlier, looking at opposite concepts which are already present; In doing so, I always combined two things which seemed like opposites;

(1)’Blindness to the wall, Patience with the clock, Sight within the maze, Impatience with immortality’

[the first phrase is justified by the idea that the wall is death, for otherwise time would be death; patience with the clock means that one must be impatient with immortality, and patience with the clock seems demanded by context; sight within the maze is an advantage that is the opposite of blindness to the wall; impatience with immortality may be a high-linguistic relevance of the value of immortal life, ala 'vital nerve']

I will now interpret each term in reverse, double-reversing every two sets of translations; This serves as an extended riddle; The result is the following, which I will record for interest; Ostensibly it solves some of the problems of seeking immortality in my context, if I accept the initial terms; As I learned, these sentences or fragments serve to contextualize specific rules, which bear on the highly specific character of life; This is in keeping with my original agenda; And if my agenda seems ignorant, then so too the mission will be simpler to learn for those who are unfamiliar with the method:

(2) Patience with immortality, Blindness to design, Impatience with time, Sight within the temple

(3) No effect upon architecture, Measurement of life, Created eyes, Game of changelessness

(4) Perfect change, Destroying ignorance, Death to travel, Unraveling game

(5) Capturing life, Immortal temple, Creating innocence, Imperfect time

(6) Flawless laws, Unmaking knowledge, Time’s kingdom, Tree of life

(7) Roots of judgment, Life’s temple, Common wisdom, Beautiful weather

(8) Moments of reckoning, Uncommon knowledge, Questioning death, Epiphanies

(9) Disease, Recklessness, Living, Unrepentant

(10) Permissions and machines, Death machines, Diabolical calculus, Punch cards

(11) Wise words, Simple stories, The immortal way, Objective coherency applications

(12) Incoherent evil, Life-time, Regret, Unimpeachable

(13) Admissions, Glory, Secrets, Geometry

(14) Science, Sentences, Moribund, Mistakes

(15) Eloquence, Vital Nerves, Nominal, Art

(16) Change, Prestige, Emptiness, Ribald

(17) Gusts, Ruined, Vocal, Reeds

(18) Occult, Good poets, Raffle, Ass

(19) Bust, Perihelion, Ass, Priests

At this point it does what I call “degenerating into realism”, in other words my specific context has figured too strongly, not in the choices of words, but in the cosmic judgment which prefigures their context; I suspect, however, that by the laws of America the goddess this isn’t a mistaken use of language, but instead a flagrant appearance of fairness, in someone’s attempt to justify the status quo; Clearly enough it comes down to other things, like the traditional school mandates: (1) knowing Latin, (2) knowing the poets, (3) not being late, (4) accepting one’s punishment; This gives some clue to the level of the folly; For these four school lessons each seem to embody someone’s desire to destroy the child;

If the lessons of schoolchildren are interpreted as the failure of mortality, two things can be interpreted, which may be called “God’s Excuses”: (1) History was not being futuristic, (2) Death is an errand with a beautiful wife;

Clearly to the aspiring immortal, these must not be attractive excuses; In a future article I will attempt to justify the defense for ordinary existence as a form of longevity, realizing that it has justice to respond to the fault of these earlier statements;

I have stated that those are the problems of immortality in a local context;

So concludes The Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 7